Construction and Infrastructure

Site Monitoring

With the development of above and under-ground infrastructure and construction projects, ground movement and changes in ground composition can impact both existing and new buildings, infrastructure and utilities.

This includes construction projects like tunnels, with real time monitoring required across the life cycle of the project – including from the construction to operational phases.

Some examples of key monitoring factors for movement evaluation include:
  • Underground excavation-induced ground movement
  • Open cut excavation induced ground movement
  • Consolidation settlement
  • Slope instability
  • New construction and infrastructure projects


The mDetect technology platform has the ability to be utilised to assist mining companies to identify:
  • Changes in composition of rock, sands, clay and silt.
  • Underground movement and subsidence.
  • Emergence of air gaps.
  • Impact of new structures and underground channels and tunnels on existing subterranean structures.
  • Existence of clay pods in iron ore bodies.


The mDetect detector technology platform can be utilised in a variety of contexts and scenarios relevant for mining and construction sites.

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