Defence Applications

Identification & Evaluation

The emergence of asymmetric threats across a range of different contexts is increasingly evident, including from both state and non-state actors.

The mDetect detection technology has the potential to support a range of military, defence and security contexts including in identifying and evaluating:

  • Any tunnelling activities or subsurface structures (i.e. underground bunkers, weapons repositories etc.).
  • Ground movement affects to surrounding buildings, critical infrastructure and utilities.
  • Identification of emerging risks with 3D X-ray like scans of underground structures
  • Passive long term implementation with ongoing intelligence.


The mDetect technology platform can be utilised for a range of different defence applications, including:

  • Radiation background counting to monitor cosmogenic activation of ultra-pure components en-route to deployment.
  • Tunnel detection for homeland security applications.


The mDetect detector technology platform can be utilised in a variety of contexts and scenarios relevant to tunnel or underground developments.

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