Teach students about concepts ranging from special relativity to statistics, and allow for the exploration of the high energy universe and nuclear physics in a hands-on manner that is entirely safe.

Included in the EduMOD package:

  • SiPM based Muon detector – EduMOD version
  • Cables for connecting EduMOD to externally sourced laptop/desktop
  • GUI (Python-based) for controlling EduMODs via externally sourced laptop/desktop
Learning Materials
  • Student lesson plans for 3 experiments (curriculum aligned for Australian Y11, Y12, and Undergraduate science labs);
  • Associated detailed teacher lesson plan;
  • Student worksheets;
  • Teacher support resources;
  • Video explaining the detector fabrication;
  • Video showcasing industrial uses of muon detectors


The mDetect educational detectors have been used in senior high school physics classes as well as undergraduate university physics classes in Australia.

A range of lessons explore physics and maths concepts in the curriculum and the detectors come with high-quality lesson plan materials to support teachers in exploring the high-energy universe.

  • Particle physics
  • Special relativity
  • Nuclear physics
  • Statistics


The EduMOD technology platform can be utilised in a variety of contexts and scenarios relevant for classroom learning.

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