Mining and Exploration

Precision Prospecting

Mining operations require in-depth intelligence and analysis both during the exploration and operational phases.

The evaluation of mineral deposits as part of the exploration process requires the extensive use of bore hole drilling and analysis of samples to determine the type and extent of resources.

With the deployment of our technology platform, it is possible to:

  • Optimise and reduce the number of bore holes required by up to a factor of 10.
  • Increase dramatically the accuracy of the mineral identification and assessment process.
  • Within the operational phase of extracting mineral deposits, our technology platform can be utilised to identify changes in underground structures and the emergence of air gaps. This enables mining companies to manage these changes and prevent accidents associated with tunnel collapses.


The mDetect technology platform has the ability to be utilised to assist mining companies to identify:

  • Changes in composition of rock, sands, clay and silt.
  • Underground movement and subsidence.
  • Emergence of air gaps.
  • Impact of new structures and underground channels
    and tunnels on existing subterranean structures.
  • Existence of clay pods in iron ore bodies.


The mDetect detector technology platform can be utilised in a variety of contexts and scenarios relevant for mining sites.

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