Seeing through the unseeable.

Particles from space shining light on your opportunities.

What is mDetect?

mDetect uses muons to provide intelligence on the internal structure of buildings and infrastructure as well as subterranean and submarine features.

Built around small, robust and cost-effective devices, we provide the most adaptable and deployable technology platform to revolutionise your detection capabilities.

Our devices use muons from space to give an X-ray style scan through any substance. With multiple devices, we can create a 3D image of the density structure allowing identification, monitoring and evaluation.

Our Key Features

User friendly

Integrated user interface for easy setup, deployment and data collection.

Easy deployment​

Patented miniaturised electronics provide a robust yet small and easy to deploy device. ​

Low power usage

The low-power consumption means a longer operating life and uninterrupted detection.

Wireless connectivity

Optional wireless or wired connectivity so you can detect anywhere, anytime.​

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